Vastu Tips for Home – Important Vastu Tips For New Home 2023

Vastu Tips for Home – Important Vastu Tips For New Home 2023

Vastu Tips for Home – You may use upscale interior publications, the internet, and even a professional renovator as inspiration while planning your home. But when doing so, it’s easy to overlook the importance of Vastu in interior design. Vastu principles, when applied to your home’s color scheme and design, may make your paradise a place of happiness, prosperity, and wealth.VASTU TIPS FOR HOME

Most individuals look for new ideas and innovative concepts to transform the plain decor of their houses into something ultra-trendy as modernization progresses. They become enthralled by the most recent fashions and patterns and envision applying them to spruce up their residences. The delicate significance of the right directions and object placement within a home’s design, meanwhile, could be missed amid all the confusion.

We’re providing you with some of the most important Vastu home design advice today, so you may utilize it to create


Vastu lays out guidelines for dimensional geometry, space organization, design, and layout for dwellings and other built-up structures.

It tradiIMPORTANCE OF VASTU HOME DESIGNtionally incorporates both Buddhist and Hindu religious concepts. Aside from the constant schematics of layout, geometric patterns, alignments for directions, and symmetry, Vastu in interior design strives to establish elemental harmony between nature and one’s living place.

Vastu, which balances the five elements of earth, water, fire, air, and space to attract good energy, is regarded as the spirit of a house. Each area in a house has to reflect the appropriate prana to generate a joyful and harmonious atmosphere. After all, the energy of the house has an impact on the resident’s mental health.



The following are some of the fundamental guidelines and concepts of Vastu house design:

  • Your rooms should preferably be square or rectangular.
  • All parts of the rooms should be clean, bright, airy, and well-lit.
  • It is best to leave the center of the house unoccupied.
  • Almira’s and other large, heavy furniture items should face southwest. If you want to build a duplex home, this orientation is also ideal for the stairs.
  • According to Vastu, bedrooms shouldn’t include any plants or water elements like an aquarium, a fountain, or even a painting of water.
  • According to Vastu, the Lord of Fire, Agni prevails in the southeast direction of homes. Therefore, this area is perfect for kitchens. If you cannot place it here then the northwest is also a good option. Avoid placing your stove near the water sink. Your kitchen must not face any washroom either and also ensure it never shares a common wall with it. Strategically place your fridge in the south-west direction of your kitchen space
  • The dining table needs to be put near the kitchen. Don’t place it close to the front entrance.
  • Mirrors that reflect a sleeping spouse shouldn’t be present in the bedroom. Check to see whether your bed is not reflected in the bedroom mirror.
  • Despite being an art, many individuals believe that Vastu has anything to do with the gods. Therefore, choosing the proper location for a Pooja is important. According to Vastu experts, the Pooja location should be set up on the building’s north, northeast, or east side.
  • Even though people today maintain plants in various locations within the house or open areas depending on their compatibility. One of the most popular pieces of advice is to keep plants in the house’s southeast corner.