Mr. Madhu Terdal

A single “must to possess” quality of an Entrepreneur is to have a “Dream in the Eyes and a Passion to match it”.  At an age where people are still writing their CV’s, Anusha Shetty has created a vibrant organization of 30 young people of varied talent in designing.


I met Anusha a little more than a year back during my hunt for an Interior Designer.  In a few meetings only, the true persona of Anusha Shetty emerged.  With high decibels of energy, sharp grasp of client expectations, Ms. Shetty meant business.  With equal ease at executing traditional and contemporary designs, Ms. Shetty has completed a few quality works, matching the Best in Class in the industry.


In a small organization where everything is controlled by the owner, I was impressed by her delegation of work, where people picked up the thread quickly to form a wholesome picture.  Apart from being pleasing and articulate, another sterling quality of Ms. Shetty is her “Transparency of Dealings”.  Not being shy of her margins, Ms. Shetty presents a transparent picture to the client and delivers what she has promised, and client can relax as there are no surprises over the bends.


I commend Anusha Shetty Designs ( ASD) as a reliable, quality conscious and transparent designer in premier interior works, and wish her great success in her endeavors.