Design Trends for a Perfect Christmas Home in Bangalore

Design Trends for a Perfect Christmas Home

Design Trends for a Perfect Christmas Home

Design Trends for a Perfect Christmas Home: Christmas is knocking on the door again. So it’s time for fun and celebration. Everybody wants something magical and exciting. For designers, it is a marvellous delight that the holiday brings to the senses – the smell, tastes, colours, and light. The lovely memories and life events are forever to cherish.

This Christmas, look for new decor trends that inspire us for a bright festival. So let’s take a look at the new trend styles for the upcoming season.

christmas treeChristmas Ornaments For Natural Appeal

It is well known that nature with elements inspired by the environment can spread freshness and well-being. Christmas is the right time to implement a natural decoration style.

There are several ways you get inspired by natural Christmas ornaments such as Christmas trees, wreaths, decorative objects for a dining table or side tables, wall décor, and suspended decorations which make your Christmas festival worthwhile.

Christmas trees need not be the same as they were years ago. This year an alternative, natural-style Christmas will be popular.  So what are you waiting for? Delight your guests with this 7-foot pre-lit fibre optical artificial Christmas tree pine.

The chilling winter reminds us of the snowman. We as the Top interior designers in Bangalore would use Christmas snowmen to decorate your house and create an atmosphere of fun and gaiety.

Dining Table Christmas Decorations

The dining table is the first thing to decorate for Christmas. You have a good time with your family during the festival. So why not use the wooden slices to put the plates? This would give a charming appeal to your table.

When the dining table is free you can decorate it with some natural and enchanting plants in tin pots for a rustic décor.  We would suggest putting a wreath inside the star for an adorable look.

Magnolia Ornaments

We as top interior designers in Bangalore would recommend making use of ornaments this Christmas. Hang a branch from the ceiling or above the dining table and decorate with bottle green, white and black ornaments in modern shades for a stunning look.

Pastel Christmas decoration

Keeping aside the traditional colour scheme, the best bet this season would be the pastel colour scheme. The Christmas tree this time could also be used with a blend of pastel colours and gold stars which would bring glamour this season.

Handcrafted Furniture in Trend

As the trend demands, interior designers in Bangalore have started using handcrafted artisans around the world. Decoration with this furniture would be worth this festival.

Christmas Tree With Subtle Colors

Top interior designers recommend subtle coloured ornaments like grey, white and beige for Christmas tree decoration. Such neutral-coloured ornaments would give a modern and chic look to your Christmas decoration. The Christmas tree would appear slim and sparse and make your décor look fantastic.

Plaid Stockings

At Anusha Shetty Designs, the best team of interior designers suggest that you could bring holiday cheer to your home with a plaid stocking that could be hung from the mantel or doorknob. Give a warm, soft and rustic decoration with black X and white cuff stockings. This combination would be perfect to have a modern touch on this festival.

Decorate It With Black Lantern On the Entrancelantern candles for home decor

To make your home warm and inviting decorate with a black lantern at the entrance or farmhouse side table which would be an excellent place to suit your taste.

This small but contemporary farmhouse-shaped lantern will fit pillar candles of all colours of your choice.

A Galvanized Tree Collar for Christmas Tree

An excellent idea this Christmas would be to cover the unsightly bottom with a tree skirt and hide it with a metal ring or tree collar. A fine gold trim would make it look extra glamorous.

Home Shaped Log Holder

To keep the fireplace neat, cosy, and organized, place your firewood in a stylish home-shaped log holder. It will not only be the store of your firewood but will also serve as outdoor decoration.

Decorating It With White Ornaments

As usual, if you decorate the Christmas tree with frangipani flowers, then give it a more magical look by adding a couple of white ornaments, says top interior designers in Bangalore at Anusha Shetty Designs.

Decorate It With Wooden Plate Chargers

To catch your guest’s eyes this Christmas bring the beauty of outdoor homes with wooden plate chargers. They would be perfect for outdoor table decoration. The natural shades will accentuate the look of rawness from the woods.

Grandiose Christmas tree

Turquoise blue Christmas trees decked with giant snowflakes can be used for an exaggerated and unique look. The best interior designers in Bangalore would break the norm this season, in a friendly way making a more lovable Christmas. By adding signage of Peace, Love and Noel you can add another element to the grandiose Christmas tree.

Use Warm Accents

If you have white interiors, we suggest you use warm accents to decorate your warm house. The dark rich accents will complement your interiors. A gingerbread house and a branch of chandelier beautified with cinnamon cookie ornaments will go along with your indoor plants too.

Rainbow Decoration

For a colourful modern Christmas decoration, a rainbow decoration will look awesome with a stark black mantelpiece. To be bold and daring this Christmas, top interior designers will try out colourful modern decorations.

Christmas Decorative Objects and Wall Decor

We as interior designers in Bangalore use decorative objects on side tables, shelves, consoles and suspended from the ceiling.

We also believe in using wall accents for decor. This time the candles are trending for Christmas decorations. Charming wood houses would be the favourite ornaments for 2020.

Design Candlescandle for living space decor

To get a more sophisticated touch this Christmas most of the top interior designers in Bangalore are mixing white pillar candles with gold lace candles. These decorative candles can be used in entrance halls, in the living room, in the bathroom and everywhere.

You can use the candles as Christmas gifts. No doubt the cosy light of the candle would brighten you this Christmas and make you feel comfortable. A white candle will add magic but designed candles would make your festival special.

They would look impactful when placed in a flower arrangement. The unique designs and textures of design candles will surely be hit this time.

So what are you waiting for? Get inspired this Christmas with trendy ideas and decorate it with zeal to steal hearts away! ASD will design the current Design Trends for a Perfect Christmas Home in Bangalore.